We're Uncovering the True Emerging Market Opportunity
Swiftarc Capital, LLC is an independent, privately held investment management firm that focuses on emerging market equities.
We employ a long-term investment strategy that is supported with detailed fundamental research and involved 'Be-The-Consumer' local insight.
Our core competency is in the following consumer staple categories: food & beverage, household products & fast moving goods, supermarkets & convenience stores, tobacco, and beer, wine & spirits.

The Rising Emerging Market Consumer

We were founded on the premise of investing in attractively valued, simple, high quality businesses that exhibit high and sustainable growth attributable to the rising living standards in emerging markets. The ascension of this consumption is supported by multi-decade structural trends such as urbanization, young demographics, product development, low levels of credit, and high savings rates.

High Quality Companies

We invest in companies that can generate a high return on capital and redeploy capital at a similar rate. Besides having sound management teams, they also exhibit the following qualities: Pricing Power; Structural Volume Growth; Low Capital Intensity; Strong Balance Sheet; and Recurring Revenue Growth. We seek out companies that can grow not just because of the macroeconomic environment, but in spite of it.

"Be-The-Consumer" Research

We apply a multi-dimensional research approach that goes beyond just fundamental research. It is in our “Be-The-Consumer” methodology that we are able to gather unique long-term intrinsic value insights. In consumer staple categories, changes are structural, slow, and long lasting which gives us the time we need to understand the trends and consider the value proposition accordingly.

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